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    What is the battery life on the new LED Screens?
    Anyone know how good the battery life is on the new 15" MBP with the Matte LED display? Thanks.

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    While I don't know the direct answer, I do know that LED takes very very very little power....but if they are based on OLED, they take even less power, and as far as I know less than LCDby a good jump.


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    Really depends on how you're using it. Just typing I'm sure it would last 3-4 hours. But once you start turning on WiFi, BlueTooth, etc. or play a game the battery life starts to go in the whole. Surfing the web with iTunes and Word open maybe 2:00-3:00 hours and if you play a game like 1:30-2:30 hours.

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    I have a Santa Rosa-based MacBook Pro, with a 2.4 GHz cpu and 2 GB of Ram.

    I charged the battery to full and then left it on until the system went to sleep. WiFi was on, screen brightness was the default. "Put the computer to sleep" was set to Never.

    On the "Normal" power setting, the system went to sleep after 2:45. On the "Better Battery Life" setting, the system went to sleep after 3:50.

    Most reviews I have seen say the LCD gets you an extra 30 minutes or so.

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    I run Word, Safari, and Mail when I'm woking on my MBP. I've been getting about 3 hours at 3/4 brightness.

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