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    Finally made the switch!
    Hey everyone,
    I just got my first laptop ever and ended up purchasing the 15" MBP with the 2.16 C2D! I must say that initially, having used windows based machines 4ever, I was quite hesitant about going mac. But, so far it has turned out awesome! I absolutely love the OS and the performance and looks of the machine itself!
    I have a couple of questions about some of the software available for it. Firstly, i have just installed NeoOffice because I have heard many good things about it. Do you think it is better than Microsoft Office for mac? Is there anything that I am missing by not shelling out $200 for mac office? Are there any compatability issues that I need to watch out for (i.e. doing up a powerpoint in Neo and taking it to a presentation only to find out that my file wont open on the other computer?!?!?)
    Secondly, concerning dvd/cd burning software, is it worth paying extra for Toast or should I stick with idvd is there anything that one does and the other doesn't?
    I am mainly using this laptop for school work, and some photo and video editing and burning.


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    Congrats on making the switch!

    I only made the switch month ago too

    There's a trial for Office 2004 in your applications folder, check it out

    Also......don't buy office 2004 now, i think office 2008 is due out soon too.

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