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Thread: $200 Rebate

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    $200 Rebate
    First of all:

    Do you have to show some sort of student ID to get the $200 rebate on your mac?


    Do you have to spend it on an iPod?


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    When I got my MBP it was only 100 off, I didn't have any sort of official ID so I just ended up showing them an email from my school and they accepted that. No you dont have to spend it on an ipod.

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    I believe he is talking about the iPod rebate... not the student discount. The $200 has to be spent on an iPod you can get any kind but that is all you will get off (it calculates into a free Nano hence the $200 price tag on the 4GB Nano). If you order online they don't ask you for an ID number or anything but they do randomly check with the school for some people and if you are not in the database then your credit card will be charged.

    As for in the store an ID will suffice but I have heard of other things being accepted as well such as the post above me says an e-mail worked. Well I hope that helped.

    Lol kinda funny I won't even have my Mac until wednesday but just from reading here constantly I already know all this. I swear Macs are an addiction before you even get one

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    Just don't make the stupid mistake I made ... bought my iMac & wife's iPod Nano in January when Apple offered $200 rebate if bought together ... went to claim the money back a few weeks later (preoccupied by exciting new computer!!) only to discover that Apple required the STICKERS or DELIVERY SLIP (can't remember which) from the boxes both came in.

    These were long ago in the bin, which cost me $200 ... not happy.

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