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    Rotating pics in a Macbook
    I am thinking of switching over to a Mac. I just need a little info about the photo rotating. I take 4-500 pics at a time many that have to be rotated to view. Right now if I high light 200 pics and hot rotate in my PC it takes up to an hour for them all to rotate. It could take up to 45 second to do one pic. Would I have any improvement in that rotating time in a macbook? Time is valuable to me so i am looking to make this time shorter.

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    it takes me 3 seconds to bend my head to the side...Saves time !!!!!!

    sorry! Just why does it take so long to rotate a Pic??

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    Well I'm not quite sure how long it would take, but Aperture, Automator, iPhoto or Batch Image Resize can take care of multiple image rotations.

    If you're taking that many snaps, you're most likely interested in a batch photography workflow software. On a Mac you get a choice of either Apple's Aperture or Adobe's Photoshop Lightroom. I'd recommend you check them both out.

    Edit: I just losslessly rotated 100 images in iPhoto and it took no time (literally less than a second). That's because most image apps can simply adjust the exif rotation information that tells the image viewer how to display the image. I'm not sure how long a "real" rotation would take though...

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