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    New user to older Mac. First non-PC
    Hello everyone! I'm here to learn about my Mac I picked up the other day. It's one of the green iMac DV's. 400mhz, 10gb hd, 64 mb ram (needs more immediately, lol), etc. It's also running OS 9.0.4 I believe... Whatever that's relative to... Excellent buy for $25!
    This is the first Mac I have ever owned. I'm well versed with Windows, but I see that it doesn't help too much so far! So far I'm working to update it however possible, which seems to be through downloading a dozen 80mb files one at a time. The updater I can find downloaded 2 things and that's all.

    Software: I'm really just wanting to use this as something to play music and videos over the network and surf the net. Plus, I'd like to get my OS as up to date as free can get me. Any quick suggestions?

    Hardware: I've got some pc100 ram around the house, what's the chance of it working in there? I know all my PC's have been forgiving with an incorrect stick of ram, but I don't want to ruin this iMac. Plus I'll have to figure out how to open it up...

    I'll be surfing the forum later today. Looks like alot of info floating around. Thanks to you who popped in here!


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    There's alot of updating to be done! The OS youre on was made in 1997 i think, and your Mac is from 1998.

    I don't have any idea how to open up a G3 (the one you have), so I did some Googling and found this:
    Looks pretty good, videos and stuff.

    I don't know if your RAM will work with your iMac, but putting it in won't do any damage, even if it doesn't work.

    Now, remember, you MUST have AT LEAST 256MB of RAM to run the latest version of OS X. With 256MB, we're talking about crawling along super slow, so you should get as much RAM as possible. If your RAM doesn't work with your iMac, buy this RAM: It is guaranteed to work with your iMac.

    Still, what you gotta do to update it is first, download all the latest OS 9 updates. Make sure there are no more to get. Then, buy Mac OS X Tiger from that link and install it.

    Now you have the latest version of the Mac OS

    Welcome to the world of Mac!

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    $25 is a superb deal for that machine!!! Congratulations on your new Mac.

    I believe the maximum RAM for that iMac is 512 MB, so put as much as you can into it. There is an access door on the bottom of the iMac that you can open to add the RAM.
    Then, look for a retail version of OS X (NOT a set of discs from another machine or someone selling pirated copies, make sure it is a full retail version) on ebay or something similar. Make sure to update the machine's firmware BEFORE you install any version of OS X.

    Once you do, that machine will do very nicely for the tasks you describe.
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    Thanks for the replies! Checking out that RAM should be really easy...

    Questions to your answers:

    About getting OS X Tiger, I have to fully update my current OS before I can get that to work? I come from the PC world where you just reformat and reinstall whatever version of Windohs.

    About updating, is there somewhere i can get a download of everything so i don't have to download a thousand updaters?

    About OS X, gah! It's $130??? I still haven't spent $5 to have a copy of Windows 3.11, OS X might be out of my price range. Is OS 9 that bad?

    And one last quick one: Processor. I'm familiar enough as to where Intel and AMD's processors end at the 200mhz FSB, but is there something faster I can drop into the iMac or is that all the speed I can get?

    Thanks again!
    I promise I'll be using the search later, just clarifying at this point!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by roadlet_411 View Post
    About OS X, gah! It's $130??? I still haven't spent $5 to have a copy of Windows 3.11, OS X might be out of my price range. Is OS 9 that bad?
    No, it isn't.

    But if you stay with OS 9, you'll find that some Flash sites and others using JavaScript won't render properly, or at all. The most recent versions of those programs for OS 9 are years out of date, and they won't be revised.

    Overnight, a few weeks ago, Yahoo's mail site stopped working. It wouldn't recognize that cookies were turned on.

    Steve Jobs persuaded YouTube to ditch Flash. When that happens (YouTube's version of Flash still works on my OS 9.2.2 partition), another site will be down for the count.

    On the other hand, lots of stuff still works great. My usual OS 9 browser is a version of the Mozilla suite updated beyond Mozilla's own to 1.3.1 by a third party, WaMCom. I still use it for banking.

    I pipelined it and even added a few extensions written for Firefox/SeaMonkey — Adblock, Mouse Gestures and SmoothWheel, after adding the extensions ExtensionUninstaller and Extensions Manager, in that order — or neither will work.

    But you need both, despite one of them on the extensions site saying it replaces the other. And you must restart Mozilla each time you load one extension. Don't gang-load them.

    Finding the right browser plug-ins might be a problem, but mine all work. WaMCom is as stable and faster than Firefox on my machine.

    iCab hasn't abandoned it's OS 9 browser. It was updated not too long ago to address security concerns. iCab, though, is clunky compared to WaMCom's Mozilla.

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    Agreed with Brown Study on OS9. It's sort of a sinking ship and will just get worse with time.

    Here is a URL with all the specs and info on your machine.

    It will take up to 1GB RAM. PC-100.

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