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Thread: Safari redirection dosn't redirect

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    Safari redirection dosn't redirect
    Hello everyone!!!
    Just got my new PB 17'' 1.5Ghz. It is my first mac, so i have one question.
    I was browsing internet today, was trying to check my internet banking. When i clicked in internet banking, new window poped up and said that it will redirect me automatically, but it just staid blank. I did try to allow cookies from everyone, but still dosn't want to download the page. It just stops. Does anyone know what i have to swith on or off? Thank's a lot!

    P.S. Just a few words about apple and my new mac : I LOVE IT!!!

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    It is all ok now, also it still doesn't work. But i have tryed the other bank and its all works fine. I will call the bank and ask them what is going on.

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    do you have JavaScript enabled?
    safari>preferences>security>enable JavaScript

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    Yes, It mast be something with this page. Because others working.

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