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    Simple question (to superdrive or not to superdrive?)
    The question is quite simple: Can iDVD save ISO's or does it just burn projects straight to a DVD? The reason? If it can save ISO's then I don't need a superdrive as I have a fairly high-end PC with a DVD-Burner in it already and I can just use k3b to burn them, but if iDVD can't save ISO's then I'll end up getting the superdrive. The difference to me is that w/ the superdrive I'll be getting the 1GHz iBook, w/out I'll be looking at the 1.25GHz iBook. The PB's are just too expensive for me right now unfortuneately.

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    iDVD 04 can do that. its included in iLife 04.

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    Always go with supa drive.

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    Get the superdrive, even if you don't make DVD movies. You can use it to make DVD back ups of your system.
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    just get da supadrive, it's supa!

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