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    Hey, I'm a student (Grade 12) from Canada. The other day i was in my buddies communications class and he was editing stuff with an iMac.... i started foolin around with it and i fell in love (that last sentence alone sounded really bas, sorry) i checked out some prices on the apple site and im lookin for the 2.0 ghz 1gb white MacBook... would that be good for a student? i listen to a lot of music and i'd use it a lot for video editing and stuff?

    i have never sued Mac before and i was wondering if i could get some input... maybe some warnings, some things to look for, any extra peripherals to buy? or should i get something better than what i said above?

    thanks a lot too for anyone that replies to my freakishly long message

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    Welcome paul!

    If your into video editing and music, then I'm sure a Mac is right for you. I don't believe you should have a problem getting used to the interface if you have a decent amount of experience with computers, you'll probably pick up on it really quickly. If not then that's what we're here for! Just be sure to search the forums in case your question has come up in the past.

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    If you going to be doing a lot of video editing then maybe the macbook pro is better for you.

    I'm also a student but I mainly use my macbook for word processing, email, surfing the internet etc. However I do do a bit of video editing but not too much.

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    I have yet to try the macbooks power in video editing, im a student to and i use heavy programs like Aperture an Photoshop CS2 at the same time with no problems, i think its a wonderful machine! But for video editing, i think you will be better suited with 2GB Ram!

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