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Thread: I Need Confirmation

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    I Need Confirmation
    Well, I was planning on buying a 20-inch iMac later this month but I'm really glad I've decided not to. Why should I buy one now when Leopard is coming out in a few months and Apple could refresh the iMac line anywhere in the near future.

    Here's my question:
    When Leopard is released, will all iMacs come with it? Also, is there a specific date in October for Leopard's release?

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    not sure of exact date 20th rings a bell though but that could be wrong.

    When a new OS is released - all machines are shipped with the most upto date o/s.
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    Only Apple knows the release date.

    As for which Macs will come with Leopard. Apple will preinstall it on all machines. You have to keep in mind that machines built before the release may not have Leopard on them. Apple will likely have some mail in upgrade option for those who bought a machine as of, or after the Leopard release date. Maybe even for those who bought machines within some small time period before the OS release. We'll know all that when Leopard is released, not before then.

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