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    Question Need help with voice over internet...
    I'd like to find software that allows me to make a call to a telephone from my computer. I know there are many out there, but are there any for free? Several years ago, I would make international calls for free over my computer, but that was with a windows machine. Now, I can only find services that charge a fee. Are those free calls days over? Anybody know of a mac program that will allow me to make computer-to-phone calls for no charge?

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    yes there are free ones... skype

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    I'm guessing the poster is looking for a service that allows computer-to-telephone calls, and not computer-to computer calls? Such as used to offer for free, and not a service like Skype (or iChat AV.)

    I'm not sure if there are any free services left...anyone?

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    I would like to know thi stoo......

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