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    I have noticed a few quirky things that my newish MBP is doing. When I log onto my university network it asks about certificates, didn't do that before and I'd rather it not do it... so what would I do to change that prompt? Another thing that it's started doing (right when the certificate prompt thing started happening) is that it asks for my keychain password. How do I stop my mac from doing this stuff? I've looked in the few places that I'm aware of but I'm a mac noob. Any help?

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    It sounds like your keychain might be messed up. Go to Applications > Utilities and then open up "Keychain Access" when open try going to "Keychain Access" menu right next to the apple icon in the top left corner of your screen and then click on "Keychain First Aid" Enter your user and pass and Verify then Repair. I just did that myself and apparently I needed mine to be repaired also

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