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Thread: New Macbook, New to OSX, New to Apple

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    New Macbook, New to OSX, New to Apple
    Just got my "new to me" Blackbook guys. I don't know about the rest of you refurb guys, but I looked over this thing with a fine tooth comb and if they had put it in a new box I would never know the difference. The thing looks great.

    Anyway, I just got it today after ordering on June 1!!!!! FYI FedEx Ground Blows. Anyway, Im still in the process of setting up. Im actually reading the manual. Kinda sucks I cant just jump right in but I am new to OSX and have no idea how to really do anything. (I am a computer engineer so im not completely lost)

    But i just wanted to say hi, Cant wait to read all the great info on the forums and Im glad I switched over to apple. I made a ton in apple stock last summer (bought at 50 sold at macworld 07) so I figured Id give back to the company.

    The specs on the Blackbook;

    Core 2 2 GHz
    1MB RAM
    120 GB HD
    6x Superdrive

    Not bad for 1049 I must say.

    Any how must have advise for a newbie???

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    I also made the switch a few weeks ago to my first mac (20" iMac C2D).


    1) Make sure that you get all the updates etc!
    2) There's a mac alternative to windows for almost everything...just ask!
    3) drop Safari as your browser and run Camino (based on firefox code i believe?)
    4) Customize ur mac to be "your own" lol
    5) Just slowly work your way around OS X and try things ( like new tabs on browsers is the apple key & t) and stuff like that whereas windows was control and t

    Not really advice tbh lol....but thats all i can really say except

    Enjoy your mac because OS X Rules and i'm never going back to windows!

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    If you get bored reading the manual, just browse the forum--you'll learn a lot more. Good luck

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    Congrats on your new MacBook. And welcome to the Forums.

    I just recently switched to a similar configuration MacBook (Check under my Avatar!)

    Honestly I couldn't wait till I opened the box the Powered up My Gorgeous Black MacBook, no Manuals read or anything. took me just under 10 mins to be all setup and back posting on this Forum

    If you have any questions feel free to ask away, we got some of the Best Mac Savvy People around here. Also check the Sticky Threads for some very helpful info.


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    congrats on the new stuff.

    i just bougt a macbook 2 months ago ... there awsome.

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    Welcome and congrats. You will love it.

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    Yeah I'm in the process of switching too. Ordered mine yesterday. I told me there would be a 5-7 day wait on the website, but when i checked it this afternoon it said my macbook is on the way. Left Cali yesterday, and left Memphis this afternoon.

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    since its a laptop, youll want to get iAlertU, a security program that detects if someone picks up your Mac, and takes a picture of them and emails it to an email address of your choice, so if someone nicks your MacBook, they won't get too far. You can get it here:

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