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    Upgrade MacBook to Leopard?
    So I'm new to Macs and bought a 2GB DuoCore Black MacBook a couple months ago and LOVE it....What's the deal with upgrading the OS? I hear all this talk about Leopard, and I guess I have Tiger (still not sure, LOL)....Do you have to buy the new OS when it is released to upgrade? If so, is it expensive? Hard to upgrade? ? ?? Thanks.

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    You've got awhile to wait til Leopard releases in October. The announced price yesterday is $129. It's never hard to upgrade stuff for Apple products. I'm suprised they don't show up and do it for you.

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    You have Tiger.

    Leopard comes out in October.

    Pay $129, put in the DVD and it will install.

    Easy peasy!

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    Not only easy, but the way it'll happen will look much like the initial walkthrough you saw when you first turned on your new MacBook...beautiful. Apple really cares about making things look very pleasing to the eye, thereby easier on the mind.
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    So it will be like insert cd/dvd and there will be installation screen that will upgrade everything?
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    Yes. Apple operating systems install pretty painlessly.

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