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    Buying a MacBook?
    Hey everyone. I was wondering if it is wise to buy a MacBook now. I'm aware that a new upgraded version of the MacBooks came out recently, but I just wanted to know if there was any chance that a new MacBook may just be around corner? Also, would the MacBook be a future-proof investment? My parents are the type of people who think that laptop should at least last you through highschool. The only things I will be doing on it is using Photoshop, surfing the internet, you know. The normal things that a teenager would do. Thanks for all your help.

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    Welcome to the Forums Viibrato.

    I personally have the Black MacBook at 2GHz and 2GB Rams. I honestly don't think that there will be any updates to the MacBook line anytime soon. But its always wise to wait until the end of WWDC as you never know what might happen.

    As per the Future-Proof Investment, well, I have seen people with 5 year old laptops running the most current Tiger OS X with no issues so I can probably say yes it will last you a long time especially with the new move to Intel Chips (well its not that new any more no is it ) I think it will be good for the long haul.


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    It was just updated, the chances of another update "around the corner" are slim to none. I think it'll be a couple of months before the next Macbook update, probably around the time Leopard is released in October

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    2.16 GHZ White MacBook w/ 1 GB of RAM
    Thank you guys so much. I'll just buy a MacBook as soon as I've saved up enough money then.

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    i've got a core duo macbook from just before they went to the core2duo. surprisingly enough, mine didn't feel like a relic right away, it still does everything i need it to do, and it's still pretty zippy (even with only one core and 1Gb of RAM).

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