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    Any Help with Automator?
    I understand the basic function of Automator, and it sounds amazingly useful and something I'd really like to take full advantage of, but I don't even know where to start. Is there any good outlines on Automator? One at length preferablly, I can't even get actions to install here
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    Apple has a pretty nice short outline.

    Automator comes into play for tasks that are repetitive, or require long searching around for files on your part. If you've worked with Smart Playlists in iTunes, you are familiar with OS X's idea of sorting files by criteria. Now Automator can find files with criteria all over the computer and do things with those files, like rename them, create PDFs, apply iPhoto effects, and lots more. You can see those in the list of actions.

    I wouldn't go hunting for things to do with Automator, eventually it comes to you on it's own, crying "Use me, I can do that!".
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