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    May 08, 2007
    macbook will not connect to wireless networks
    Has anybody encountered this problem

    I can connect to my wireless router in my house(Dlink 1310), but that is the only network i can connect to. If im at a freespot it gives me full wireless signal but wont allow me to open a internet browser it loads and loads then a window pops up and states that i cant connect. Talked to mac tech support and they dont know either. It worked before, all of a sudden it just stopped and the computer is only a month old. Thanks

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    the freespot might possibly have a password needed, i know a place near me that has one. The owner of the place is near neighborhoods and tries to keep people from stealing his wireless signal. you have to ask him for the password when you want to use it. it also might be a problem with your firewall if you have one.

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    Keychains are the problem!
    I have had similar problems in the past with both of my Macbook Pro’s I have a rev. A and the newest one I just bought about 2 months ago. I thought they would have fixed this problem as it has happened to me many times before. The issue is your keychains are getting messed up, I have had to delete my keychains and rebuild them more times than I can count. I have sat on the phone with apple care to try to solve this problem once and for all and they can tell me anything except walk me through the steps to remove my keychain so I can connect to more than one connection.

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