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    Where to buy new MBP?
    Hello, I'm new to the whole Mac world and I'm planning on buying an amazing new MBP. I'm just wondering if the apple stores actually carry all the different configurations of the laptops for example I would want the 17" 2.4Ghz with 2GB of RAM and the 160GB 7200 HDD with the new HD screen (not sure glossy or matte yet gotta see them). Would they have this configuration in the store? I really don't know if they carry them all or not. also do the stores even have the new MBPs yet? Also would I be able to get my education discount from the store or would I have to get that online?

    thanks in advance

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    stores only carry the standard configurations. Built-to-order models have to be ordered online. As far as I can tell, the new MBPs are in stores. You can get the student discount at the stores, but they will probably ask for a student card or something so make sure you have it on you.

    You know, for the time it took to post this and wait for a reply, you could have just called the store and asked them.

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    I'd call the store(s) and ask, like visual purple said.
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