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    moving files from pc to mac on external firewire drives
    Almost ready to get a new present I have all of my work files on an external usb/firewire drive formated as NTFS. I have a new external HD I just bought; same config - usb/Firewire that I am planning to use with the MacPro. I will format it for Mac when I get the Mac. am I going to copy all of my files from the NTFS drive to the Mac-formatted hard drive if the Mac can't see the NTFS drive...or am I missing something easy? Sorry for the ignorance if I am. Thanks!

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    The Mac should be able to see the NTFS formatted drive and read it. Macs just can not write to NTFS formatted drives. You should be able to copy the data off just by dragging and dropping.

    Your other option is to format the new drive as FAT-32 on the Mac and be able to use it on both Mac and PC.

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    Thanks baggss - that takes a load off my mind!

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