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    2gb RAM
    120gb HDD


    I'll have a review later for everyone, in the mean time post me your favorite must have applications for the Mac.
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    I found this site gives a nice comprehensive list of software for switchers

    Check out the sticky threads in the Switcher Hangout as well. They're very helpful
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    This is what I have (others may be useless):

    BBEdit - if you're doing programming/editing.
    Smultron - Free alternative to BBEdit.
    Chicken of the VNC and VNCServer - if you want to access your Mac from elsewhere.
    AdiumX - for multiplatform instant messaging
    MediaFork - for ripping DVDs/movies
    Shrook - News RSS
    MS Word/Excel/PPT/Apple Keynote/Pages - Word processing, spreadsheets, etc...
    WhatSize - see whats clogging up your hard drive
    monolingual - remove around 2gb of unused languages
    Transmit - for FTP use
    Armagetron Advanced - addicting game :p
    Jumpcut - saves your pastes, so you don't lose them
    Google Notifier - gmail notifier when a new email arrives, sits on the bar

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    Nov 27, 2006
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    Xee - image viewer
    Browse pictures in the same folder. Very customizable.

    The Unarchiver - self explanatory ;p
    Can unZIP/unRAR/un-almost anything.

    Renamer4Mac - mass file/folder renaming tool
    Very useful if you're a neat freak and want to keep your files & folders well named. (Ahem... not me of course)

    MenuMeters - CPU, memory, disk, and network activity monitor (in Menu Bar)
    I mainly use it to see my upload/download activity. Pretty customizable.

    Oh, and one last one in my signature. ;p (Click the "Development" link.)
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