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Thread: RAM change

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    RAM change
    I am thinking of changing the amount of ram that I have, from 1 and 1 to 2 and 2 thus totaling 4 gb's of RAM. I have a pretty good idea how to install the hardware, but what I would like to know is once I install the hardware does the OS just recognize the new hardware and install that way or do I need some supplementary software to complete the process ???


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    If you have a MacBook Pro Core Duo as your profile suggests, it will only support 2 GB total RAM. MacBook Pros with Core 2 Duo chipsets support up to 3 GB RAM.

    The new models released today are the only MacBook Pros that will support up to 4 GB RAM.
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    Mac Book Pro 17" 2GB Ram, Intel Core Duo
    you're right, i can only support a maximum of 3 gb ram... so should i just replace one of the 1 gig ram chips with a 2gig ram chip?? i have heard this may not run as smoothly???

    ideas, !!!

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    Sure, it's better than what you have right now, I'm assuming. If you have the cash, go for it.

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