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Thread: A weird problem with external NTFS HDD

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    A weird problem with external NTFS HDD
    Hey Everyone, long time lurker, first time poster.

    I've been scouring the net and have a lot of experience with NTFS, FAT32 etc and THOUGHT I understood it. All my music is on a NTFS drive in an iTunes folder (My Music > iTunes > iTunes > Artist > Album). I want to move all the music to my mac, reformat the drive as fat32, and then move all the music back so that I can use it properly on my pc and mac, but I can only see the top level folder (My Music) if I open it I just see a "Desktop.ini" file that Mac can't do anything with. There isn't enough room on my PC to move all the music there (plus it's so slowww now that i'm used to my mac ). Does anybody have a solution?


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    If you have a network setup, you can access the files through a share. Go to Finder -> Go -> Connect to Server and then for the address enter in:


    Where the IP address is your computer's name or IP address, and the e$ is the share name of your music folder:


    That's how I copied all my music to my MBP, but that should work as well if you just want to access the files.

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    I second that as well.

    Accessing a shared folder on your Windows PC is very easy from the Mac. It may take a while though.

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    Instead of reformatting, you can install MacFuse ( / NTFS-3g and write to NTFS drives.

    This will eliminate the need to change your filesystem to FAT32 (nothing wrong with it, but it might save you time/hassle).

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