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    trouble with the Mac's mail system
    I have had my Mac for about 3 months now, and I love it. As with all new things, every day on it is a learning experience. I'm having trouble adding my e-mail addresses to the address book. Does anyone know of an easy way to do this. Thanks for your help.


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    You simply click the + button. It adds a person to your AB and you can add an email address.

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    Your posts topic says Trouble with the Macs Mail System. You having problems adding your email account to Mail or address to the address book?

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, 1607!

    Clicking on the Edit button should allow you to add or tweak whatever info is in your Address Book...

    Clicking on the + sign let's you add a field, clicking on a - sign let's you delete the field. Clicking once on a field that is already there allows you to edit the info in that field.

    Edited to add:

    DOH! Took me so long to write the post, the entire forum had time to post a reply.
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    In Mail > Select message > Message on menu bar > Add sender to address book.
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    thanks for the help
    Thanks for the help with the e-mail question, I'm on my way to adding all my e-mail addresses from my PC.

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