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    jpg on cd burned by PC?!
    i have a few jpg pictures i burned on a pc... now i put it into my powerbook and i can't seem to get anything... how do i look at the contents of the cd? why doesn't iphoto just open up automatically?


    edit: ah nevermind... it seems the disc i was using was somehow defective. i burned a few other discs to test it out and they all worked fine!!

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    probably because the cd is formatted in a way the mac can see...though now that I've type that it doesn't sound right? Does the disk show up on your computer at all?

    if so, you may have to manually tell the computer to open it up with preview or iphoto...I don't know...I haven't had any problems..I burned a whole lot of mp3s from my pc and put them on my mac with pure beauty and finess on the macs part.

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    iPhoto will not automatically open unless its an iPhoto Library burned disc
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    i'm surprised you have a problem like that. it's usually the other way around (MAC cd on a PC) that doesn't work. speaking of which, i made a video for my gf and i burned it from my MAC and it wouldn't read on her PC, what's up with that? i made it in iMovie and saved it as whatever file extension iMovie automatically saves as, but Quicktime on her computer wouldn't read the file. anybody know why?

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    Could be that her Quicktime needs updating

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    Quote Originally Posted by witeshark
    Could be that her Quicktime needs updating
    ...Quicktime? I thought he/she said they were .jpg images?

    Anyway, it won't open automatically unless iPhoto made the CD. Just double click on the CD when it appears on your desktop, and open the pictures manually. If the CD never appears, then the CD wasn't burned correctly and probably doesn't work on a PC either.

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