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    mac n00bie xD questions
    hi lol i just registered a few min ago cause i got a mac comp it's old but it came on an unopened box it's an iMac G4 with 800 mhz procesor, 256 mb sdram, superdrive, 17 inch lcd, and 80 gb hdd lol i know this comps were made arounds 2003 or 2002 but since i got it for free i took it xD. i have only used it a lil bit and when i turned it on i look for the os x version and it says 10. 2 8 and many apps i try to open or install cant open, or are not compatible with my os x version and i have already got all the updates the mac asked me for when i run the updater, so i was wondering is there any way i can get the dashboard, the spotlight and all those shiny good looking apps? do i have to buy mac os x 10.4 or what i'm a n00b on mac's this is my first one so i really dunno what to do since i have always used ms windows and i currently use vista in a laptop and xp on a desktop any1 that replies will make me happy lol im curious about this comps they look great in design and all xD so i'll be glad if some1 replies

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    Which apps are you trying to open or install?

    A lot of the shiny stuff does indeed require you install 10.4. I'm not sure if you can upgrade cheaper than buying it outright though, if you already have 10.2.

    The .2 .3 and .4 numbers on OSX look quite small, but they're all actually different versions of the OS.

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    we'll i want to buy ilife, garageband, the office for mac, and many otherr videoplayer's n codec packs cause i work a lot on making videos for my art class and i've hear that mac rocks for video editing how ever every app i install it says for mac 10.4 etc or i can mount the image and an icon starts jumping on the dockbar and suddenly closes >_<

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    Mac OS X 10.4 actually changed quite a few things. If you want to open the apps you're talking about, you're going to need to look at buying a retail copy of OS X 10.4. I would check out eBay, some sellers have copies of 10.4 bundled together with iLife '06, which sounds like it would suit you perfectly.
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