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Thread: Mac Voices?

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    Mac Voices?
    Hey I was wondering, you know the speech program on the mac, can you get other voices too.

    I just love the voices -- being able to click on things and have it read to me -- although it's not perfect, it's fun and it's good for editing.

    Does anyone know if you can get other voices. I know that you can somewhat play around with the speed and such of the existing voices, but is that all there is to it?

    And mac's voices aren't that bad for computer voices -- I also found out that I can talk to my computer. Gee, I feel like I'm in Startrek!

    I just think that it's so fun to use the speech stuff, does anyone else use it often. I don't use it all of the time, but I do use it sometimes when I'm editing some of my work. It helps to have some other voice read the work, 'cause you catch a lot of things then. Beats having to record myself into my mircorecorder.

    I really like the idea of being able to speak to the computer too (I only wish that the mac speech program would have there a 3rd party program for OSX that does that?).

    I tell you -- I think that the Enterprize in startrek must be a mac system! So friendly and you can speak to it, too.

    Usually, I just do things button wise, but it's still fun to say "open word," and Word opens. And I heard that you can program the speech recognizing program to do things for you (like apple script).

    Apple script sounds interesting too -- except i know nothing about it, or where to find info on how to do it. But I hear it's good if you need to do a list of things and you do it often.

    Like, you can make a script that you can either click something, or say, "Delete Junk," and the script will run and go through all of your internet cache and all the garbage and everything else that is junk. How cool is that? Very cool!

    I love my talking mac -- and I love that i can talk to it too.

    Hey, has anyone tried the joke one? That one is great. And you can ask for the time too.

    I am was so suprized that my mac could understand me and do what I wanted to do without screwing up (or doing the wrong thing, or nothing at all).

    It's simple, the mac is just an awesome machine, leading the way to the future.


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    Wow! Sounds like you and your mac are bonding! I'm also switching once they update the G5s, which should be sometime in June....

    I do know one thing about Mac Voices though.. Sometimes when you are talking, (not to the mac), it may pick up those voices, and act upon it. An easy, and quite cool way around this is....Give your Mac a name! In the Speech control panel there should be an option somewhere where it says only listen when __x___ is said.....

    So now for me it would be: Einstein, open Word!

    I tried this at the Apple store once, and gave it the name einstein and people looked and thought I was i probably am!!!..

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    Or like in StarTek: "Computer, open word."

    ur, maybe throw an "Engage!" in there, too. LOL


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    Ooh, I like it!

    Star Trek is awesome. My favorite one is Voyager.
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