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    Sound output question
    Last night my power went out and when rebooting up my computer, the sound output on my speakers is totally messed up. They are external speakers hooked up through the headphone jack, and here's the thing. They work, but the volume is extremely low, even when I have the volume control pumped to it's highest. I never really changed my overall output volume, as I never had to but is there somewhere I can change that so the balance isn't so low? Any other suggestions? They don't show up in my audio midi set-up either, it still reads them as internal speakers but they are definitaly outputting the sound, just extremely low.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Have you looked at the volume setting in the system preferences folder?

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    Quote Originally Posted by witeshark
    Have you looked at the volume setting in the system preferences folder?
    my sound output is all the way up and the sounds are stilling very low in volume

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