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    ichat signs me off
    how do i change it so iChat doesn't sign me off when i'm away from my macbook?

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    Set your machine to stop going to sleep in less than an hour. It signs you off when it goes into suspend......

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    Quote Originally Posted by cassieclipse View Post
    how do i change it so iChat doesn't sign me off when i'm away from my macbook?
    When you return to your computer, is it in sleep mode (power light pulsating slowly), screen saver, or has the computer logged you back out to the password screen?

    If it's in sleep mode, as posted above, there's no way around the computer signing you out if it enters sleep mode...sleep mode is disconnected from the world. If it's in screensaver or logoff mode, you'll need to change the preferences inside of iChat for when you want it to log you off.
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