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    Question copy a CD on mac
    How do you copy a CD on a Mac with a combo drive? I searched on google and everything seemed to say just drag the CD to Toast or use Disk Copy. Well, I don't want to buy Toast (I don't copy CD's often) and the only Disk Copy on my system is the OS 9 one, which doesn't work in Panther.

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    Select "Help" from the Finder menu and enter "Disk Copy" in the search field. There will be an entry of "Duplicating a data compact disc". It will provide the steps for what you want.

    Good Luck.

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    Duplicating a data compact disc

    You can use Disk Utility to quickly make copies of a CD that contains information. To do so, first you create a copy, or "disk image," of the CD. Then you can make additional copies from the disk image. Disk Utility is a utility located in Applications/Utilities.
    1. Insert the original disc in your computer's optical drive.
    2. Open Disk Utility and select the disc in the left column.
    3. Choose Images > New > "Image from Disk."
    4. Type a name for the image, and choose a disk format.
    5. Click Save.
    6. Eject the disc when the disk image is done.
    7. Select the disk image in the left column and choose Images > Burn.
    8. Insert a blank CD disc and click Burn. (To see more options, such as making the disc appendable, click the triangle in the top-right corner before you click Burn.)
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