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    Question OS X and Privacy
    What information, if any, is provided when using services on OS X. For instance, if I connect to a site via safari does it share my name, computer owner, or username? I havn't found anything on it yet and am really curious as I am a huge privacy advocate.

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    All I can say is.. dont put Windows characteristics with Macintosh.

    From my understanding is macintosh doesn't give out any of that information, let alone know it, unless you registered your computer.

    Though, just because apple doesnt make programs that give out your information.. doesnt mean any child hacker couldn't get it off your computer with a few connections. (AIM is the easiest, i dont recommend talking to anyone unless you know them)

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    ya, AIM is the way most l33t kids use their trojan horsie apps.

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    Thanks for the replies. I don't know that much about the Windows world myself but I have always heard about it and other closed operating systems sending personal data in the same fashion realplayer/realone does and that irks me.

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    You shouldnt have to worry, it's more secure than a nun's you-know-what

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