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    thinking of switching-which notebook?
    Hi i'm pretty new to the whole mac thing, but recently my windows notebook has been so riddled with problems that i've just had enough.

    I was tempted to mac by trying out my mum's macbook which she has for he work, i found it really easy to use and reliable and decided mac was for me.

    ive just got to decide which notebook to go for now. The macbook seems a really good deal, especially with its recent upgrades but the macbook pro seems to be alot of bang for your buck. Seeing as i'm planning to study architecture at uni next year i was wondering if i would need this extra power. (the mac site seems to advise the pro for architects)

    thanks for any help.


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    I don't know much about what software you may be using as an architect, but I'm assuming that it may be graphically intensive. 3D models and rendering and such. In that case the Macbook Pro would be the way to go with it's dedicated video memory and the amount of memory that comes with it.

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    MacBook doesnt have a video card, has less memory and several other things. MacBook Pro has a very good video card, better processor, more memory and a bigger hard drive.

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    thanks, looks like the macbook pro then, better get saving.

    Seeing as my term starts at the end of september i suppose i may as well wait till leopards release in october. Should there be a processer upgrade similar to the macbook coming?

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