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    May 15, 2007
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    MacBook White or Black
    Im trying to deside which colour to go for.

    *Which is the nicest looking in your opinion? black or white?

    *which is the most practical?

    I have heared that after a while, dirt collets on the white macbooks and turns them yellow?

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    I had a black one for a short period of time. I really liked the look but it was a fingerprint magnet. I returned it and got a MacBook Pro!

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    May 09, 2007
    I just bought a white macbook, I chose it because it seemed more classic mac, it matches my iPod and I'd read that some people found the shiny look of the black keys a bit greasy looking.

    Having said that, they look REALLY sexy so I think it's just preference. For me, the matching with my iPod was the main reason.

    Practicalities wise, I think there's no difference. People say the black shows up fingerprints a little more but the white can get grubby. There's no clear winner there.

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    I've had my white MacBook for about 2 months now, still clean as they day I got it

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    White is apple's signature color. I don't like the inside of the black macbook because it looks just like any other pc laptop.
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    The 'blackbook' is really nice looking, but I went with white because it was different. After five yrs with a Thinkpad, I was weary of the black laptop! My only trouble so far is my cat's black hair is very conspicuous.
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    Sheesh! Somebody has to defend the dark side of Mac. When brand new the white MacBook looks stunning. As others mentioned, the White MB stands out among the PC crowd. This is one of the reasons I bought a black one. I don't want to draw much attention when I am in public. However the white apple logo is a dead giveaway.

    Let me give you the reasons why I chose a blackbook.

    1) When I got mine (less than a month ago) to upgrade the whitebook to match the specs of the blackbook the difference was exactly $20 Cdn less than the black. For $20 it was worth it.

    2) The glowing white apple looks so spiffy. If whitebooks had a glowing black apple then I would concede that theirs looks cool too!

    3) I saw a well-used white in a big-box store and it was the most grungy thing you can imagine.

    4) The sleep LED looks stunning on black because of the contrast. On white it is just a light—white on white.

    5) Sitting on my desk plugged into an all black 22" WS monitor and flanked by black Bose speakers it looks just fabulous even when off!

    6) Laptop cases are generally black. Hey they match my MB!

    What really ticks me off is that Apple's BT KB & mouse, DVI adapter, mag power cord and charger only come in white! Apple missed the ball on this, since I want everything to match! Now I need to get a black digital camera to match. And how about a black Ferrari? (Just kidding.)

    In reality it all comes down to personal preference. For me black is beautiful. Isn't it nice to have a choice in the MacBook line?

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    Apr 29, 2007
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    black all the way, it just screams sexy

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    Apr 27, 2007
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    When I was in the apple store last night, the kid genius was talking me into just going with a white one; I would save $200 which could be put towards an external HD or extra memory or whatever. When he finished showing me the printers I said ok I'll take a white 2.16ghz. He then goes on to tell me he's not sure if they have anymore in stock, and sure enough they are out. He tells me that I can order online and it would arrive quickly, but I've been urging to get a macbook for a couple months and when I had first gone into the store last night I had told him I wanted to get the black. So today here I am typing on my new sexy blackbook....I can't really see myself with a white macbook, too many of my things are ipod, triple black if only the darn printer I got last night was black

    ps- the glowing apple in the dark looks so **** hot

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    I went with the black, and i love it!!! The fingerprints are easy to get on, but also very easy to wipe off. I'd rather wipe fingerprints off than have trouble getting dirt out of a white one after a while. I feel the black will still look new in two years, where the white one will show age. Look at shoes, black ones last longer with looks. (because MacBooks and Nikes are very similar ) Anyway, Black looks great, i get compliments constantly. And the White glowing Apple logo does look awesome!

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    Aaaah The Classic Question

    I remember I was going back and forth between White and Black..

    Some facts first, White (as mentioned above) is the Official Apple color. It looks great and all, the whole thing with turning yellow is a thing of the past, I believe it was an issue with first release of MacBook but not anymore plus just in case it is covered under Warranty.

    A lot of hardcore Macers will tell u Black is a PC Wintel Laptop color, which is to the most part true. BUT, None of the Laptops out there can come close to How Gorgeous and Sexy the Black Macbook looks.

    When I made my decision I didn't have the privilege that most folks did, I was no where close to an Apple Store, so I made my decision of off pictures.

    While with Black u might get extra fingerprints, but nothing serious that a nice wipe down won't clean. and that Kickin Bright White Apple on the Back just looks so much better with the BlackBook its awesome.

    Did I also mention that it looks SEXY

    One more thing, it does look Professional if u gonna use it for work and meetings and so on.

    After all, Black or White they are both AMAZING and blazin fast for the competition so u can't go wrong either way.

    I just love how the Black looks.


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    Like iKitten, I chose white because all my thinkpads are black. Having already owned so many black laptops, paying extra for the privilege of having one the same colour seemed a bit silly

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