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    isp compatible with wireless broadband?
    i am the new owner of an ibook and intend to install an airport extreme card and base station. i want a broadband internet connection but have heard some popular isps aren't compatible with wireless broadband on apple machines. can anyone recommend a good, compatible isp?

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    I haven't heard that; it shouldn't matter if it's wireless or not but rather whether or not your ISP likes Mac's. All you should need to do is hook up your Cable/DSL modem directly to your computer first and make sure you can get online. After that, hook the modem up to the Base Station and make sure you select AirPort as your connection.

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    AirPort (R) is nothing more than Apple's version of the industry-standard 802.11b standard (AirPort Extreme = 802.11g) The AirPort base station is mostly a collection of industry standards wrapped up in a nice Apple-style interface (with a large pricetag attached.)

    The tech support people at your ISP may not know anything specifically about AirPort or Macs, but there probably won't be any techincal reasons why they won't work. For that matter, you could also use another company's base station (Linksys, for example, or D-Link, or whoever) with Apple AirPort cards in your computers. Your ISP might be more willing to help you with setting up one of those products.

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