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    put file list into an editable text file
    How do I get Finder to paste a file listing into a text file? I want to do the DOS equivalent of pipelining a "dir" command as in,

    dir *.* > list.txt

    I want to end up with a text (any format will do) file that is editable so I can include the file listing in a document.


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    You can open the Terminal (Applications -> Utilities -> Console) and run the following UNIX command from the directory you want to list:

    ls > list.txt

    You can then do whatever you want with that file.

    Good luck!

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    Yes, I'm rusty at Unix but did know I could do the same as in DOS. I was really wondering if there was a way to do this from Finder but there doesn't appear to be. (Maybe an Automator process to cut and paste filenames into a text file, but needlessly complicated I suppose.)

    There isn't a way to do this equivalent in Windows using Explorer either. Odd, I can't be the only person that's ever needed to do this. It was a handy way to build DOS BAT scripts that did something to a group of files but the only way that I ever found to do it was the DOS pipeline. Oh well.

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