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Thread: Sending word document?

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    Sending word document?

    I use Word for Mac to write freelance articles. I have a friend who also has a Mac, but no Word for Mac. I want to email him articles with formatting intact, i.e. italics, etc.

    When I cut and paste the article into an email message, for some reason he can't get it; his server shuts down with that much embedded text (we both live in remote areas with dicey service). I can convert the article to text only and send it as an attached file; he gets that fine but loses all formatting. Can I convert (save as) the Word document to some other form that would save the style, and be sent as an attached file? If I hadn't bought Word for Mac, what Mac program would I be using to write articles? Does this question make sense? Thanks for any advice.

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    try saving the word document as a Rich Text Format and he should be able to open it in TextEdit which is standard on Mac
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    As trpnmonkey41 says, rich text format <document.rtf> is an excellent option.
    Or try using yahoo mail with the enhanced text editor turned on, that (i believe) retains formatting. Good luck.

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    Thank you!

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