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    The video cards on 3d is mainly for viewing on screen graphics, rendering is done by the processor. You can do 3d on the macbook, but you wont be able to load heavy scenes, for simple box modeling the macbook is fine.

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    for me, I initially thought about going with a MacBook, tried it out for a while, but decided that what I really wanted was a MBP. Really came down to screen real estate and the matte thing, since I do some photo editing, most of it is done on my iMac but since I'm mobile sometimes it will help there too. I was thinking of going for 2MB of RAM anyways, and a slightly bigger hard drive might be beneficial to me for all of the digital media that I'll be carrying around. Not a real gamer at the moment, so the better graphics card on the MBP is probably not something that I'll be taking advantage of anytime soon.

    I'm happy with my decision to go with a MBP it ain't much heavier to me than a MacBook. But if you don't mind a smaller glossy screen, and not a gamer then definitely nothing wrong with a MB.


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