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    Help w/ torrent files.
    I need help making my own torrent file. I've gone through the PC stuff but it was deemed unsuccessful. Therefore, I've turned to the Mac World once again for my electronic needs.. :rolleyes: What i don't understand is what a tracker is (ie. can i use my own website as one?) and how do host the file (ie. do i have to upload the original file or just the torrent?). Well there you have it, oh and thanx in advance..

    EY :eek:

    BTW: it's a very very very large file... like 1.5 gigs.. ok so it isn't very very very large.. but it's a pretty large file. :p (oh and it's a video file, that i made, using FCP)
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    Glad to see another person join the wonderful world of BitTorrenting!

    A tracker is a site that hosts your files. You upload files to the tracker. But not all BT sites have their own trackers; for example, has many links to torrent files you can download but no actual tracker (people who want to upload files to share with the community have to use a tracker elsewhere). is a site that has its own tracker; there we can upload files to share and find nice things to download ourselves. You usually have to be a registered member of tracker and BT sites to upload and download.

    To upload your file:
    1. Open up your BT client and choose "make torrent".
    2. Point the client to the file you want to upload and it will do its magic. At this juncture you will probably have to enter the URL of the tracker you want to use; do some googling and I'm sure you'll find one that's suitable.
    3. The client will produce a BT file entitled blahblah.torrent (or whatever).
    4. Go to the tracker site online and choose "upload file". You will now upload the torrent file, NOT the video file. You will probably need to fill in some info about the file you're uploading here depending on how the particular site works.
    5. The tracker will produce a URL for your torrent file so that folks can download the torrent.
    6. Very important! Start your torrent file. So click on the blahblah.torrent that you created and point it to your video file. Your BT client will check the video file and tell you that it's 100% downloaded. Now people can get it!
    7. Keep the torrent open.

    Sorry this isn't very clear! What BT client are you using?

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