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    Standard Black MacBook
    New Black MacBook = Question
    Hey guys,

    Well I'm new switcher as of yesterday evening. Just got my new Black MacBook. Nothing fancy, just the standard specs. Anyway I had a couple of quesions to MacBook owners.

    Since this is my first laptop, I seem to be worrying about heat WAY TOO much. Should I get an undercooler for at home or is that unnecessary? Perhaps I just worry to much. What are your experiences with the MacBook's heat?

    Anyway, that's about it. I'm happy with my new MacBook and look forward to talking with you guys on the forums.

    - Kaurotu

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    don't worry about it too much.

    i'd suggest a couple things.

    always use the macbook on a flat hard surface. i normally use a lapdesk (this is mine)

    also you could try a program like temperature monitor also to keep an eye on the internal heat. i have mine running at log in and it stays in my menu bar.

    also if you do ever use it on your lap, keep the big vent in the back unobstructed. i use mine like this occasionally, keeping my legs apart slightly and i don't see much deviation in temp on temp monitor.

    welcome to the forums!
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    eric is absolutely correct. I use my black Macbook on hard, even surfaces and never notice any heat issues. As eric said, I keep the back unobstructed when using it in my lap and the fan still doesn't come on.

    The only way you'll really notice a heat problem on a Macbook is if it has some sort of defect.

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    Apr 26, 2007
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    Standard Black MacBook
    Thanks a lot.

    Yeah, I use mine on my desk with plenty of room between the back and the wall. About a 12 inches actually.

    Thanks again for the advice.

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    Hey Kaurotu,

    Welcome to the Forums, and to the Mac World. I am myself a new switcher, just got my Black MacBook Monday, I am loving it. So far I haven't felt like it heating more than my previous Windows Laptops (yuccchhh)

    I also used it on my lap couple of times and it gets warm, but not to the point that would be a concern or irritating.

    Cheers, and enjoy you MacBook

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    my daughters' macbook is on a kitchen counter right now with the screen up and recharging an ipod and the fan isn't on, it's totally silent.

    if she uses it on her bed the underside does heat up, but that's to be expected.

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    Welcome! Make yourself feel better and do a search here about "heat". A LOT of us, me included, have asked this question. What feel ridiculously hot to you, is probably normal for your machine. I've also read that heat on the outside/case does not necessarily mean the the inside of the machine is hot. The fan control program is share ware (free) only takes a moment to dwld and will give you piece of mind. I'm going to hope that the next good sumaritan will get the link for you. Sorry. tired have to go to bed.... yawn.
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