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    Video & Photo Editing on 12" Powerbook
    Firstly hello from PC land,

    I have been seduced by Apple thanks to my ipod( even the packing is cool)I need to get a laptop for work(general office tasks)It needs to be able to connect to a PC network running xp and read and write in M$ word/exel compatible files,I am looking at getting a 12" Power Book is it easy to do the things i described.

    Also on the fun side of things I like to play around with photo and video editing(only for fun nothing to professional my main question is what is it like doing these tasks on a 12" screen.

    Thanks for your time

    hope to be around a lot in the future.

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    I make a point of using the 12's in the Mac store since that's the Powerbook I plan to get (have 17 desktop home) I'm quite happy with it and believe I will stick to that plan as the compactness of the 12 supercedes the convenience of size on the 15 14 or 17. BTW file sharing with the doz pc will work just fine using SAMBA share

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    You shouldn't have any problems doing your work on the 12" powerbook...especially with the updated one; it's awesome, and I wish I had it.

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    Cheers guys,not that I really needed convincing

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