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Thread: Not a good way to be introduced to Apple

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    Not a good way to be introduced to Apple
    Ordered the G5 deal with the 23" monitor couple weeks ago. I recieved my monitor, keyboard, speakers, mouse last Monday...but they said computer will be here I was looking forward to coming home today.

    Well, not here and when I got online there was a message that it wouldnt be here till May 12th!!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe it! I called and they said cause I ordered extra memory that was the hold up (so glad they waited to the day it was suppose to arrive to tell me this).

    My question is, it that the IBM issue I have been reading about?

    Im just so frustrated! Now have to stare at my beautiful monitor for another 3 weeks and still use my PC.......

    UGGGGG just had to vent I guess

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    I say, you should use that monster of a screen on your PC.. that way it won't go to waste.. or you can just give it to me in the mean time..

    PowerBook G4. iLove it.

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    I feel so bad! My Mac was ordered with increased RAM too but it arrived right on time... I hope they can pick up the pace on that! That's a sweety avatar!

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    Yeah I do believe it's the IBM deal.. I think that's why the computer I ordered is going to take awhile also, same exact reason. I wouldnt mind have a 23 inch display to look at though.. I could just stare at that thing for hours at a time

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    It has nothing to do with IBM. IBM makes the G5 processor, not the RAM.

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    Just tough luck, I think. Apple didn't have a large enough supply of RAM, or the supplier was late in delivering it to Apple, or something like that. Must be extremely frustrating....

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    Or it could be that you’ll be getting an updated Mac as eMac, and the notebooks been updated and only the iMac and Power Macs to go…

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    nothing like having it come 2 weeks late :-p

    i ordered my g5 in july... got it in the end of september

    but that monitor you got is enough to keep me busy for hours at a time...just stairing at it... oooooooooooo la la

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    My dual G5 took about 10 days to arrive and by the time it had it had been all over the world, apparently they put together most of it in Taiwan then ship it to Canada or the US to get aquainted with it's processors and any other extras you order, then it goes to Holland to be paired up with the monitor, then it goes to Ireland to be ... um ... somethinged (maybe that's where they put in the relevant discs?) an dthen finally it gets shipped to your doorstep.

    Luckily I'm not far from Ireland.

    When I discovered that the monitors came from Holland I immediately thought "Philips", do they make them I wonder?


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    That's an awful lot of traveling for a system to get assembled. Bit of a world tour at that! :p

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    This may be a little late advice for you, but it is way cheaper to just get the Mac with the standard amount of RAM from Apple and then buy the extra RAM from somewhere like Crucial. Apple charges and arm and a leg for extra RAM if you get it from them.
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    I bought my G5 at CompUSA in September of 2003 and I took it home the same day I saw the beauty sitting on display!! To make my already [great] day better I received a discount for being a student at Purdue University! YIPPIE!

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