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    help me to choose
    im a long time pc user and have no idea whats going on in appleworld
    right now, its about time to upgrade my laptop and desktop
    the thing is i need to use autocad and catia

    am i be able to use autocad and catia on mac thru bootcamp?
    ive searched, but couldnt get good info for that
    if so, im planning to go with mac pro and window laptop
    if not, mbp and windows desktop for 3Ds


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    My understanding is that Autocad is one of those apps which is both Windows only and a 3D application. That means you will need a Macbook Pro at the least (for the dedicated graphics card) and Bootcamp (because Parallels doesn't do 3D as yet) to run Windows for times when you need to run Autocad.

    Though, if you're going with a desktop AND a laptop and don't need to run Autocad on the laptop you can go Mac Pro for the desktop and Macbook (regular, not pro) with the laptop.

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    Can I run Autocad with Virtual PC on my Imac?

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    i very much doubt it becuase of the system resources it needs..
    please someone correct me if im wrong. i have a macbook pro so i have resorces and i dont use autocad on here it just it on the maxed out mac pro at work.

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