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    made the switch
    Well its on the way. I ordered a Dual 1.8 GHZ G5, 1 GB RAM, ATI Radeon 9600 with a 17 in display. I ordered from a local business in my area. Thanks for everyones help. This forum has become a valuable resource for me

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    congrats! and be sure to wipe your HD clean after surfing those porn sites "cap"!

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    Super congratz! in case you don't have it yet:
    repair permissions. After every software update, and about every 2 weeks: close all apps and log totally off. Log on, go in Finder, Applications. Utilities, Disk Utility. After the message -getting disk information- select volume (below the hard drive name -upper left corner). Just highlight it. Now look to the lower two things are there near the middle, verify permissions, repair permissions. Click repair permissions. Also make sure you run cron tasks Finder, Applications. Utilities Terminal type (switching to root - superuser) sudo sh /etc/daily > this needs to be done /weekly (instead of daily) and monthly. again with all apps closed.

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    congrats and welcome to the real world of computing.

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    I want your compputer....

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