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Thread: Outlook Notes?

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    Outlook Notes?

    I just got my MBP and I love it. I am currently running parallels, and I intend to slowly migrate completly over to the Mac, but I was little suprised when I researched moving Outlook over and discovered that there is no "Notes" equivalent on the Mac? Is this correct? I know there is Entourage, but it just seems the the Mac comes bundled with everything to replace Outlook but Notes? Which seems strange.

    So this is what I think I know, and I hope someone can correct me:

    1. Outlook mail/attachemnt goes to Mac Mail
    2. Outlook Calender and Tasks (?) goes to Mac iCal
    3. Outlook Contacts goes to Mac Address Book
    4. Outllook Notes goes to ????

    Any help, especially the kind that says "Hey dummy, notes go ______" would be great! :headphone


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    Apr 04, 2007
    Does everyone just use Entourage if they are switching from Outlook? I just really wanted to use the built in OS X features, and like I said above everything seems to be there except for a place for notes.

    If this has been answered by another post somewhere please let me know. I did a search on "Outlook Notes" and did not find an answer. I found a bunch of stuff when I searched for just "Outlook" in this forum but all of the answers seem to take you back to Entourage.


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    Leopard Mail might work!
    It look like I am finding some of my own answers if not by accident.

    It looks like the new Mail program in Leopard wil have Notes and "To Do List" (Task), which is great.

    The only bumber is that is does not appear you can put the task into categories (i.e. work task, home task, errands, etc.). If you could do that it would be great. Now I know Leopard is not out, but what the heck I will ask any way. Does anyone know if the new "To Do" feature in Leopard mail will allow "To Do"'s to be put into categories?

    I apologize if my thread it in the right spot here, it started out as a "Switcher Hangout" e-mail but now it is drifting towards "Applications" or something else.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Wink Outlook notes?
    My suggestion would to be use "stickies".... Just a thought.....

    I think, therefore I use a mac

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