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Thread: On to Panther

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    On to Panther
    Briefly, purchased this used G3, 700 with Jag in January. Have REALLY enjoyed playing with this machine. I use it at work, some at home. Big on Excell and Word (seamless transfer from my old Windoz PC), no games, occasionally surfing, and lots of reading this forum. Am going for new iBook or PB next Christmas.
    I would like to put Panther on this iBook, now running 10.2.8. How do I install Panther without disturbing other programs or just goofing up my settings.

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    When you begin the installation process, ther will be a screen that alows you to choose between taking over the entire drive or upgrading. If you choose the upgrade everything should be fine. I have the G3 700 also and that is what I did last month. Everything still worked without a problem.

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    When you load the Panther CD, your many options. One of them is to Upgrade. You can even, keep your HOME directory and NETWORK settings intact well you install a New OS.

    Clever huh?
    You can't do that on a Windoze thing.

    But to be honest. You should make a backup of your work just incase. your Mac won't crash during and upgrade but you can't still experience a power cut.

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    your best bet would be to use the "Archive and Install" option. this actually makes a non-bootable backup of your previous system (jaguar), and installs the new OS clean onto the drive. it also saves all of your files in your home folder and all your preference files as well. i would personally stay away from the "Upgrade" option, but only because i've heard from different people that it can cause problems, make the system unstable/crash and different stuff like that.

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