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    Hi folks....Long time PC user,but I just bought my 1st Mac.....
    I have a MacBook.I never really thought I would ever buy a Mac but I did.And from what I'm seeing so far I really like it.It's Simple.I still have my PC though.I'm an avid gamer.But when the Mac went to the Intel Core2 Duo CPU,I said I am going to have to try one of these things.The Mac has become my work horse.If I'm not gaming I'm on the Mac.I'm sure I will 1,000,000 questions for you guys but my dad always told me that there no such thing as a stupid question.....kinda wonder about that this day and time.If any of you run PC's for gaming I mite can answer a question or two for you as I build my own gaming rigs's....Mostly SLi machines.So Hi and in advance..........Much thanks!..rick aka HawgsHead

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    G'day HawgsHead and welcome to Mac-Forums!

    Congrats on your new intel Mac! Stick around as I'm sure your knowledge will be useful for some members and feel free to ask any of your own. Please check out the search feature in case your question has already been answered ... and your dad's right - no such thing as a stupid question here, so enjoy ...!

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    Congrats on the MB. As a long time gamer, am also a hardware enthusiast and have been building my own PC's since the intro of Win '95. There are several of us long time (and hardcore) PC folks here on this forum right now and think we will be seeing a lot more all the time.

    Have several very helpful people here that know their way around OS X and very little Fanboy stuff (though there is some, but still, overall an excellent Mac site). Have a good mixture of people here. Some long time Mac folks and some very knowledgeable switchers, so you get a good mix of answers to many questions. Think you'll like it here.

    And, yeah, I may have some questions about building a new rig later in the year. Have slowed down the last couple of years due to just not having that much time for gaming, so have not yet built a Sli or crossfire rig yet. Since buying this MBP, am trying to determine whether I want to build a new PC or get a Mac Pro, but that's another question, which may take me 6 months to answer for myself.
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    Hello and welcome Hawgshead!

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    Welcome to Mac Forums HawgsHead!!!
    My Macs: iMac 27" 3.4 GHz, Mac Pro 3.2 GHz, PowerMac G5 Quad 2.5 GHz, G4 Cube with 1.2 GHz Upgrade
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    I agree with bobtomay. Lots of great info, but not so much of the fanboyish devotion stuff to wade through. I'm sure you'll be enjoying your Mac.

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    Welcome to the fold.
    I have a strong background in Windows support & PC troubleshooting (professionally and family) myself, so you won't be alone with your mad Windows skillz.
    Though I'm happy to say that now my only exposure to Windows is when i need to fire up VMWare Fusion or have to physically do something to a family member's Windoze box.

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    I was on the M-F honor roll for month : May 2007

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    I, welcome. This is a great place to ask questions. I also just got my first Mac. Also keeping the PC around for gaming. I am however entirely hooked on the Mac for everything else.
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