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    how much memory in an iMac?

    I have been looking at a 24" iMac for a while now and note it ships with a default of 1Gig which is 2x512Mb (one in each memory slot).

    On purchase I can put more in, or buy memory from somewhere like Crucial UK and put it in myself I believe? I assume its not that hard - I've put together several PCs before (that said the 2Gb upgrade is probably as cheap to get apple to do it).

    Anyway.. how much should I get?
    I mean.. I'd be looking at putting 2x1Gb in so I have 2Gb and I guess selling the 2x512s that came with it.
    That doesn't cost too much and I think 2Gb is a good amount. To go to 3Gb from what I can understand, I have to buy a 2Gb module and a 1Gb module. That is SUPER expensive. The 2Gb module is way pricey!

    So I guess I'm just asking if going to 3Gb from 2Gb will really benefit me that much? I'll be using it to edit pics off of my DSLR, and I guess some home movies, play movies to my LCD TV (including HD content) and other media functions I guess like music. Whilst more RAM might help Photoshop or the like run better, will it really be that noticable for me? I'm guessing not..


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    DB2k, I'd suggest buying 2gb, fitted by Apple. Phone Apple to place your order, and haggle. If they don't come down by much, say you'll think about it and that you'll maybe call them back.

    Or, if you're not in a rush to buy, customise your Mac and save the basket on the Apple store, then wait. You might find someone contacts you – that's what happened to me. I got a great deal.

    It's quiet in the shops this time of year...

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    If you are using Photoshop, I would recommend 2 GB (or more if you wish) of total RAM.
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    thanks chaps. I like the idea of putting it in my basket and leaving it as I am lazyalthough I think when I want it I wil lcall up. I pretty much know what spec I want - upgraded HDD and gfx card. I just want to wait for the Leopard update and tbh I'm interested in this potential hardware refresh too.. Although I am fully aware I can wait for ever.. Not in a particular rush though.

    Min 2Gb seems fine to me at the moment.

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