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    Configure MX1000 Laser Mouse Buttons?
    Hello all, I am new to the Mac world (just rec'd my MBP last Tuesday.. Loving everything so far. Anyway, I am using Logitech MX1000 laser mouse, & I'd like to configure the buttons to operate the same way as they do on my Windows machine. I googled, and finally found out how to make my scroll whell button middle-click (for opening links in new tabs in Firefox), but can anyone here help me w/ the following?

    1. I'd like to make the back/foward buttons move me back & forward a page in Firefox (these buttons even work to go back/forward in Explorer windows in XP, but I'm guessing that won't work in Mac Finder windows?).

    2. Can I make the middle button (between the back/forward buttons) close down the foremost window/application like I can in XP?

    That's it.. I do have the OS X version of Logitech Control Center installed, but in typical Logitech fashion, the Mac version of the software doesn't seem as configurable...and I can't figure out what click/key stroke/command combinations will get me my desired result... Thanks for any tips..

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    I find the LCC works well. You might have to configure keystroke combinations to get what you want. I have my page back button configured for save, my switch application button as delete, my cruise down button as undo and my cruise up button as redo. My wheel's set as double-click.

    You can wither work out what keystrokes you need to perform which actions, or if that's not possible use SteerMouse (, in which you can configure keys to perform different actions in different applications.

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