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    How to sync Address Book and ICal for birthdays?
    Sorry for dumb newbie question, but I just got my first Mac today and setting up all my information like address book, etc

    When adding entrys in my address book, Im also adding birthdays. Im wondering if there is a way for it to automatically sync with the iCal to add birthdays??

    thanks ahead of time

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    iCal preferences > "show Birthdays calendar"

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    Keep in mind that Address Book allows only one birthday per card, which can then be displayed in iCal. For example, if you create a card for your mom and dad together, you can only enter the birthday for either your mom OR your dad (not both), and then only that ONE birthday shows up in iCal.

    To get around this, you need to create a card for each of your mom and your dad, then both birthdays will show up.

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