Hi All

Just having a slight problem when my Mac goes for a snooze.

When I "wake" the imac, by clicking on the mouse, I have noticed that sometimes the Airport signal indicator on the top right, is not showing a connection to the router. When I click on this it says" No network"...or words to that effect. If I try to re-enter the router name and password, then it just says "cannot connect". If I restart the iMac, then it suddenly goes back to normal.
This has also happened when I have left safari or mail open for about 20 mins, but have not used it.......could it be that my router is "timing out". As I can see no settings in the router for this, I doubt this is the case but something odd is happening.
Also, sometimes the connection goes, and the Airport still shows a signal. When this happens I have to go into Mail (which at this point is showing warning symbols at the side of each screen name) and click on "get mail" and then the browser jumps back into life.

Anyone had a similar problem?