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    Mac alternative to groupmail 5 ?
    Is there a mac alternative to group mail 5?

    I am using my new macbook pro for business and I send news letters. I use group mail 5 on the PC but want to switch to mac apps as much as possible. Is there a good free alternative?

    Thanks for your help. I am enjoying the new mac experience
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    I guess there isn't, since you haven't had a reply in more than a year?

    In case you have found a Mac alternative to group mail 5 please let me know.

    ..bought a Mac and am completely hooked. Have changed over to all Mac apps, don't even use Parallels. Literally the only reason i still have my PC up and running is for GroupMail 5. Been through a few other Mailing List Managers for the Mac but nothing comes close.

    Very desperate to lose the PC but need a replacement GroupMail software.

    Any help or advise appreciated.


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    Jul 05, 2008
    I need this too!!!
    Any luck with this??

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