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    I am about to enter University. I have narrowed my choices to either a 20 inch iMac, or a powerbook (size yet to be decided). As for needs, I want to game, and be able to fool around with iMovie and hopefully produce some nice looking videos. Of course I'll need microsoft office for my work. Keep in mind that I am 100% Windows at the moment and always have been. Are there any students out there who could aid in my selection and provide insight in to what is really needed as far as software and apple peripherials, upgrades for University? Thanks a lot!!

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    I am a graphic desing student. I use my 12" PowerBook G4 for everything...Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign....and it comes with iMovie, iDVD, etc. I have no problems running any of this stuff with just my runs everything beautifully. The most important thing is memmory. If you have lots of memmory, your powerbook, and or iMac when be an excellent member of your social life.

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    What is enough RAM...768megs or more?

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    im at uni and my iMac has been awesome. I use it for games (Ghost Recon, AA, Warraft etc.) for watching dvds, itunes,makin movies in iMovie/final cut pro (youll need about 512 of RAM for final cut) and of course my work (Adobe CS, Macromedia MX etc.) i dont know about microsoft office on the mac but I have had no trouble with Appleworks.

    I chose the desktop over a laptop because I dont need to move the iMac and carry it with me, and its not to much trouble unpluggin it to transport it anwhere, e.g. home. Also if your gonna use it to watch movies etc the screen will be so much better than the power books one.

    I vote for the iMac

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    I was a design student last quarter, but switched to programming. My 15" TiBook served me VERY well through both majors... I would highly recommend it.

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    Well i guess what it comes down to is what people want in school...a laptop or a desktop. I'd much rather vie for a 20" iMac if i somehow knew what I wanted for university and it amounted to a desktop. Do you students really use your computers enough around campus to really justify buying a laptop?

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    Absolutely... When I was in the dorms I used it far more often outside my dorm than inside (in class, between class, going to the library when I couldn't stand my roommates....) and knowing that I always had all my assignments, projects and *everything* in my bag is a very good feeling.

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    I think you could make it with an ibook with 768 mb......but get what you really want...I know my powerbook is a more powerful computer than my roomates iMac...that's cause he's got a bit of an older, if you don't mind only using your comp at home...there you have it...if you'd likek the ability to play outside sometime..then get the iBook.....btw my roomatae does all the same work as I do on his iMac...I believe it's a g4 should be fine..

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    Agreed. And in college it's good to be mobile since you are likely to move again.

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